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10+ Asia Countries Open for Tourism without Quarantine in 2023

10+ Asia Countries Open for Tourism without Quarantine in 2023

By Chris Quan Updated Dec. 19, 2022

After two years of waiting, international travel is gradually reopening. Now, more and more Asian countries are open for tourism without quarantine. It is time to plan a "post-COVID" Asian trip. Here are some of the best and most searched Asian countries opening up:

Asian Country Current Status Quarantine Vaccination
Pre-Departure Test On-Arrival Test Insurance
Thailand Fully open No Not required No No No
Vietnam Fully open No Not required No No No
Cambodia Fully open No Not required No No No
India Fully open No Not required No No No
Nepal Fully open No Not required No (if vaccinated) No No
Laos Fully open No Not required No (if vaccinated) No No
Myanmar Fully open No Not required No (if vaccinated) Yes Yes
Indonesia Fully open No Yes No No No
Singapore Fully open No Not required No (if vaccinated) No No
Philippines Fully open No Yes No No No
Sri-Lanka Fully open No Yes No No Yes
Japan Fully open No Not required No (if vaccinated) No No
South Korea Fully open No Not required Yes Yes No
Bhutan Expected to open in September No TBC TBC TBC TBC
China Inbound travel still closed / / / / /

1. Thailand

Thailand Koh Samui, Thailand

Thailand is the most popular destination after the reopening of Asian countries because of its increasingly relaxed requirements, rich tourism charms, and convenient visa policy, especially for European and American travelers.

From October 1, 2022, Thailand has lifted all COVID-related entry requirements . That means you can travel to Thailand without any restrictions, as it did before the pandemic. Just contact us if you are planning a trip to Thailand.

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Thailand Visa Requirements

Thailand offers visa-free access to 56 countries/regions, including Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, the USA, and the UK.

If your country is not on the visa-free countries list, you can apply online here .

Thailand also has Visas on Arrival (VOA), which apply to certain countries like China, India, and Romania.

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2. Vietnam

Not to be outdone, Vietnam , one of Southeast Asia's most popular destinations, also fully opened for international travelers without quarantine.

From May 15, Vietnam lifted all entry restrictions. Testing and vaccine certification are no longer required.

Vietnam Visa Requirements

Vietnam Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam

Visitors from 22 countries may enter visa free, including the UK, France, Italy, and Germany.

If you're from America, Canada, Australia, or about 80 other countries not on the list for visa-free entry, the most convenient way to enter is to apply for an e-visa online .

If your country is not in the list for visa exemptions or e-visas, you will need to apply for a Visa Approval Letter in order to obtain a visa on arrival or a visa via a Vietnamese Embassy.

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3. Cambodia

Cambodia lifted all COVID-related entry restrictions in October, 2022. You do not need to show vaccination records or negative test results. The mysterious and splendid Angkor Wat is waiting for you!

Cambodia Visa Requirements

Cambodia Angkor Wat, Cambodia

With the exception of some Asian countries, like Singapore and the Philippines, people from other countries need to apply for a visa. You can apply for a visa on arrival (valid for 30 days and costs US$30) or an e-visa .

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4. India

India has canceled all entry requirements from November 22, 2022. You can travel to India without any COVID restrictions, as it did before the pandemic.

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India Visa Requirements

India Taj Mahal

India only offers visa-free access to certain countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives. Travelers from other countries/regions need to apply for a tourist e-visa. >>> Latest Asia Visas, Southeast Asia Visas Requirements

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5. Nepal

From March 14, 2022, Nepal has eased its entry requirements. All international visitors can go to Nepal whether they are vaccinated or not.

  • For fully-vaccinated travelers, a vaccination certificate is required.
  • For non-vaccinated travelers, a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of travel is required.

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Nepal Visa Requirements

Nepal Kathmandu

Travelers need a visa to enter Nepal, however, Nepal makes getting a tourist visa quite simple by offering a visa on arrival option.

You can get a visa on arrival by providing vaccination certificate or present a negative PCR test result. >>> How to apply for a Visa for Nepal

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6. Laos

Laos has announced a full reopening with no testing and no travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers. Everything else, including visas and entry procedures, has returned to pre-COVID norms.

  • For fully-vaccinated travelers, a vaccination certificate is required.
  • For non-vaccinated travelers, a negative ATK test result within 48 hours of departure is required.

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Laos Visa Requirements

Laos Wat Xieng Thong

Laos' visa-free policy mostly applies to Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore.

Other countries can apply an e-visa or visa on arrival.

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7. Myanmar

Myanmar announced its full reopening in October 2022 with no testing and no travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers.

You will need:

  • A vaccination certificate or a negative RT-PCR test within 48 hours of travel
  • A RDT test on arrival
  • COVID-19 insurance provided by Myanmar Insurance

Myanmar Visa Requirements

Myanmar Shwedagon Pagoda

Except for a few Southeast Asian countries, Myanmar requires a visa to enter. The easiest way to get a Myanmar visa is via its online e-visa system .

Travelers entering Myanmar are required to register your information (passport, flight information, etc.) at the Immigration Office 14 days in advance.

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8. Indonesia

Indonesia updated its entry requirements on July 17, 2022:

  • If you have completed your booster shot, there is no need for pre-departure testing.
  • If you have completed two shots, you should show a ngative rapid antigen test within 24 hours or a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours.
  • If you only have completed one shot, you should show a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours.
  • If you cannot be vaccinated for a specific reason, you should show a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours and a doctor's certificate from a government hospital.

Indonesia Visa Requirements

Bali Bali

All EU citizens, US citizens, and citizens of most other nations can visit Indonesia without a visa for up to 30 days.

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9. Singapore

Singapore cancelled all COVID-19 testing for fully-vaccinated travelers, bringing the country almost back to its pre-pandemic status.

For unvaccinated or not fully-vaccinated travelers, pre-departure test within 48 hours is needed.

All the travelers need to submit the SG Arrival Card with an electronic Health Declaration before aarival.

Singapore Visa Requirements

Singapore Merlion Park

Most visitors (EU, UK, US, Australia, Norway, South Korea, and Switzerland citizens) can enter Singapore without a visa and are granted 30–90 days visa-free entry, depending on their nationality.

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10. Philippines

At present, the Philippines has one of the easiest and most convenient entry procedures in Asia. You will only need:

  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Philippines Visa Requirements


Citizens of most nationalities do not need a visa to enter the Philippines, and this is inclusive of all citizens of EU countries, the US, Australia, Russia, and South American countries.

11. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka announced that fully-vaccinated visitors don't need pre-departure COVID-19 PCR or rapid antigen tests from March 1, 2022. The entry requirements include:

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Insurance covering COVID-19 costs of at least US$50,000

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Most visitors to Sri Lanka need to apply for a visa. The easiest way is to get an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online . ETA holders will be issued a 30-day short-visit visa at the port of entry in Sri Lanka.

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12. Japan

Japan now fully reopened to all the international travelers. A three-shot vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result before departure within 72 hours is required.  Now you can visit Japan with or without a guide.

Japan Visa Requirements

Japan Kyoto

Japan has restored the visa-waiver system since October 11th, 2022 . If your country is in the list of Exemption of Japan Visa like Australia , Canada , USA , UK and almost all European nations , you can visit Japan without applying for a visa in advance.

Feel free to contact us to plan your dream travel.

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13. South Korea

South Korea announced that travelers, whether vaccinated or not, don't need to quarantine from June 8. The entry requirements still include:

  • A negative RT-PCR test result within 48 hours before departure
  • RT-PCR test within 24 hours after arrival

South Korea Visa Requirements

Korea Gyeongbok Palace

Passport holders from 96 countries/regions, including Canada, European Union citizens, the USA, the UK, Singapore, and Japan, enjoy visa exemption when visiting South Korea, but need to apply for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) online .

14. Bhutan

Bhutan Bumthang

Bhutan plans to fully open its doors to international travelers from September 2022, without quarantine. But currently, it still requires a 5-day quarantine for travelers.

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15. China

China The Great Wall

China is still closed to inbound tourism. Hong Kong has reopened to international travelers, but quarantine is required. Check out more on our China Travel Restrictions 2022, When Will China Open Its Borders?

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